Acoustic Pool Filter Enclosure

Control of Pool Filter/Pump Noise Made Easy

Typical noise level of pool filter and pump equipment is 64 dBA.

Many Councils require the noise to be not more than 5 dB over the existing background noise level at the nearest residential boundary. This could mean 45 to 51 dBA.

Noise levels significantly reduced by a Nada Acoustic Pool Filter Enclosure

This is achieved with the use of the NADA Acoustic Pool Filter Enclosure

Tested and Confirmed by:-
Noise and Sound Services
A member firm of the Association of Australian Acoustical Consultants

Ventilated Pool Filter/Pump Enclosure

The 'Acoustic Filter Enclosures' pool equipment enclosure is fabricated from 'BlueScope Steel Limited Galvabond®' steel and lined with 25 mm thick acoustic absorbent foam. Available are three different sizes of 'Acoustic Filter Enclosures' pool equipment enclosure covers; small, medium and large. The enclosures have a lift out panel at the front and a hinged top lid which is complete with a rubber seal. There are small ventilation slots at the rear (top and bottom) for natural air circulation.

Acoustical measurements have been carried out to provide an independent and accurate assessment of the noise reduction of a ventilated Nada Manufacturing pool filter/pump acoustic enclosure.

The noise level average (LAeq) around the pool filter and pump was 64 dBA with no enclosure at 1 metre and reduced to 51 dBA at 1 metre with the cover/enclosure fitted.

At 3 metres distance the noise level is predicted to reduce to approximately 45 dBA.

*Full Acoustic report (PDF 189KB).